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Private Dental Practice Pinchbeck Gosbertson

We Care for Your Smile!

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Private Dental Practice Pinchbeck Gosbertson

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Private Dental Practice Pinchbeck Gosbertson

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Private Dentist in Pinchbeck

We Care for Your Smile!

Welcome to PDH; your local, private dentist in Pinchbeck. Our friendly, approachable, experienced team can offer a variety of dental services to people of all ages, putting smiles on faces that you'll be proud to show off. We're proud to be child-friendly and elderly-friendly, so the entire family can get the same exceptional standard of treatment, no matter what stage of life they find themselves at.

We're located just outside of Spalding, Lincolnshire and welcome patients from all of the surrounding areas. In addition to our dentistry, we also offer supplementary services, such as Physiotherapy, Aesthetics, Botox and Physiotherapy treatments in our dedicated Practice.

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Our Dental Services

We offer a comprehensive dental service, as your private dentist in Pinchbeck, as well as a variety of non-dental services that promote fitness, wellness and enhance beauty.

Visit our Treatments page for a complete examination of what we can do for you.

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Why Choose PDH?

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Experienced Staff

Our principal dentist, Dr Santhi Sri Kondreddy, is a highly experienced expert in the field of dentistry. She has over 13 years in practice and, now, as your private dentist in Pinchbeck, you can be confident that you'll be receiving a professional, well-informed service.

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High Standards of Care

Thanks to the experience and professionalism of Dr Kondreddy (not to mention our team as a whole!), we are able to provide the very highest standards of care. We act in accordance with all necessary regulations to offer a service that is both gentle and effective.

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Exceptional Training Standards

All of our staff have years of experience in the medical field and are highly trained. As your private dentist in Pinchbeck, we're able to offer a service backed by exceptional training, in compliance with government regulations and guidelines that make our practice safe and effective.



Visited the practice yesterday, please note I am very anxious about dentist visits, and Dr Siri was just lovely to me. She has a kind, compassionate way that puts you straight at ease. Her warm, friendly manner shines through and reassures you that you're in safe hands. Thankful for her understanding and great professionalism with her dentistry work also. No complaints at all, only praise for Dr Siri! 
 I have been having my dental work done at this practice for a few years now and I have nothing but praise for them, they always do their best to help. 
I had a really pleasant experience with this dentist today; I rang up with severe pain from an abscess and asked if they would be able to fit me in. The receptionist explained how they were one dentist down but he will ask the dentist what they can do. They rang me back with an appointment to be seen, with which I was thrilled, and I was seen on time and given a prescription for antibiotics. So happy to be seen today, as it was getting worse and worse. Appreciate the lovely dentist and the kind male receptionist for making time for me today. Highly recommend
this dentist! 


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How to Find Us

We're a private dentist in Pinchbeck, located just outside of Spalding, Lincolnshire.

We're open 5 days a week and are currently welcoming new patients.

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Sister Practice

We're proud to say that we also have a sister practice, located in Gosbertson. Fen House is NHS registered and is able to welcome clients in need of disabled access.

To arrange a service from this practice, please contact them on 01775 660478.

Fen House Dental PracticeGosberton  

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